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Public Records Act

The Public Records Act ensures public access to public records in the possession of governmental entities in Mississippi. The Ethics Commission has authority to take complaints, issue subpoenas, hold hearings and issue orders involving alleged violations of the Public Records Act.

The Commission has crafted Model Public Records Rules to be adopted by every public body in state and local government. Please click the link below to review the model rules.

When filing a complaint, the person denied the right to inspect or copy public records must attach a copy of the written denial of the records request, if any. The Ethics Commission must forward a copy of the documents to the head of the public body involved.

The public body then has fourteen (14) days from receipt of the documents to file a response with the Ethics Commission. After receiving the response to the request for opinion or after fourteen (14) days, the Ethics Commission can dismiss the complaint, issue a preliminary finding or set the case for hearing.

The Ethics Commission also has authority to mediate or otherwise resolve disputes arising under the Public Records Act.

To read the Public Records Act, click the second link below. To file a public records complaint with the Ethics Commission, click the third link below.

Click here for Model Public Records Rules with Comment

Click here for the Public Records Act

Click here for the Public Records Complaint Form

Click here for the Uniform Incident Report Form